Serving tips


Drinking a Gin & Tonic should be a great experience. The ultimate Gin & Tonic engages all senses. It should be cold, have long lasting bubbles and look great. A copa will ensure that the ingredients mix properly and that the aromas come to life.


1. Chill

Since a Gin & Tonic is enjoyed slowly, it is important to properly chill the glass. Chill the glass by filling it with ice. This preserves the bubbles and the cold taste. If any ice melts, then pour it out. You don’t want to dilute your drink.

2. Dose

Depending on personal taste of the drinker, use from 4 – 7 cl of gin. The ideal amount is 5 cl. Add a little bit more if you enjoy a stronger gin.

3. Add Tilt your glass and slowly pour the tonic against the side of the glass, but not on the ice or gin. This preserves the bubbles. This is similar to pouring champagne.

4. Stir

With a cocktail spoon, carefully stir the drink so all the aromas come to life. Don’t stir more than a few times. If you do, you will lose bubbles.

5. Garnish

A great garnish completes your ultimate Gin & Tonic. A garnish enhances the experience. Use no more than two garnishes. One for aesthetics and one to enhance taste. For example, juniper berries don’t enhance taste but a lemon or lime zest does.

If you use two garnishes for taste, your Gin & Tonic will taste different then you expect. So stick to one garnish for taste.